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Dr. Brett Brimhall

Dr. Brett Brimhall, B.S., D.C

Dr. Brett Brimhall was born in Holbrook, AZ on August 8, 1974. He graduated from Mountain View High School in 1992. He attended Chandler-Gilbert Community College, Mesa Community College, Scottsdale Community College, and Arizona State University where he took his pre-professional courses. Dr. Brimhall trained in the Upledger visceral and cranial work prior to attending chiropractic school.

Dr. Brimhall attended Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas. He was President of the Percussor, Applied Kinesiology, and Nutrition Clubs. There he received his Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and graduated Magna Cum Laude for his Doctorate of Chiropractic. Throughout the different graduation activities, Dr. Brimhall won many awards. At the graduation banquet, his classmates voted him Mr. Congeniality. At graduation, he was given the Outstanding Intern Award for the Alpha Clinic. For each graduating class from Parker, the president and faculty of the college nominate and vote for one student “who, to an outstanding degree, has demonstrated the Parker principles of friendship, love of mankind, and the compassion to serve in the practice of chiropractic.” Dr. Brimhall received that special James W. Parker Chiropractic Philosophy Award.

Dr. Brimhall is currently licensed for chiropractic, acupuncture and physiotherapy in the state of Arizona where he owns and manages Brimhall Wellness Center. Dr. Brimhall’s unique ability to connect with patients, his outside-of-the-box ideas, and his insight has made him a highly sought after chiropractor. One of his goals is to bring wellness to the world, to which he does one patient at a time. He has patients who fly across the country, and from other countries to seek his care. He even has patients that have moved their families to be closer to Brimhall Wellness Center.

Dr. Brimhall and his wife Holly adore their 4 beautiful children who keep them busy with their sporting events, dance, and other family activities they enjoy. Dr. Brimhall has a great relationship with those in his community. He teaches free monthly classes in his clinic to empower his patients and community to take back their health. He speaks to small and large businesses on various topics of health, nutrition and total body wellness.

Dr. Kayle L. Martinsen, D.C.

Dr. Kayle L. Martinsen, D.C.

Kayle Martinsen was born in Utah and moved to Arizona when he was 11 where he has continued to make his home. After being in the construction business for 15 years and 3 years into a computer science engineering degree his 3rd child was born and had Gastro Reflux Disease or GERD as many people know it by.

After trying what felt like everything, it was suggested that he take his daughter to see a chiropractor. At the time he saw no connection between chiropractic and the health concerns that his daughter was facing. (Oh how that has changed!)

He was cautiously optimistic when they took her to see the chiropractor. Within about a week the symptoms that she had been struggling with for her entire little life subsided. Now she is a teenager and rarely struggles with those issues that brought him to the chiropractic world.

Deciding he wanted to help change others lives as his had just been he went back to school Arizona State University to complete pre-med classes. He moved his family to Dallas, Tx wherein he graduated in 2008 from Parker College of Chiropractic, now known as Parker University.

He has been treating patients since 2008 with a myriad of issues including GERD, digestive issues, headaches & migraines, IBS, neuropathy, auto immune diseases, ADHD, anxiety & depression, infertility, and of course neck & back pain.

He and his wife Jeni love spending time with their 4 children who keep them busy with swim team, dance and other family activities.

Sarah Slade, NP-C

Sarah Slade, NP-C

Sarah is passionate about healing the body naturally with bioidentical hormones, herbs, nutrition and energy work. Sarah’s passion for natural medicine came when she was unable to find answers for her own health issues through western medicine philosophies. Her intuition told her there was more to healing and how her body functioned than what she had learned in academic settings.

In searching for answers, she began to realize that her own emotions, thoughts, words, and belief patterns had created her current physical ailments. This meant she was solely responsible for the “dis-ease” she had created in her body. This realization both amazed and terrified her, yet it brought the clarity and empowerment she needed to reverse these conditions and take charge of her own health.

Sarah loves to help educate and empower her patients to heal their own bodies. She has helped patients discover the root cause of many conditions such as anxiety, depression, adrenal fatigue, thyroid conditions, back pain, fibromyalgia, PMS symptoms, infertility and insomnia



We were fortunate to meet Cherie through a colleague and patiently awaited the time she could join our team. With a background in administrative duties and assisting in other naturopathic offices, Cherie brings a sense of sweetness and calmness to our office.

Her hobbies include being wife to her husband and football mom to her son Justin.

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